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One Simple Product That Can Make a Huge Impact To Helping The Enviroment

Fast and convenient seems to be the new norm in our American society these days. We are always on the go, something is always going on, and there never seems to be enough time in the day. When we are always in a rush, we tend to not see the bigger picture and how it can affect our health and the health of the planet.  

In my journey to try and be a better citizen to this planet we are blessed to live on, I have found one simple product that can truly make a huge impact and help our environment.  Here, let me share.

By chance, are you or do you know someone who is a paper towel addict too? Did you know that not only its consumption is bad for the planet, but using paper towels can also affect your monthly expense budget. So that is why I need to tell you about this super cool and interesting product that has been around for many years, but has not gotten the proper recognition that it deserves.

Let me introduce you to an easy solution in the form of the Swedish Cloth. The Swedish cloth is an impeccable invention and it can take your cleaning experience to the next level.  Here are some quick and incredible facts:

  • Fact #1 - 1 Swedish Cloth can replace 17 rolls of paper towel.  Yes, you read that right.  17 rolls.  Holy cow!!

  • Fact #2 - The Swedish Cloth is composed of cellulose and cotton which is completely reusable and biodegradable. It is far more durable than any sponge we've ever owned; even after months of constant usage. We haven't lost a single one to deterioration. If you used it once, I bet you will never want to go back for paper towels and sponges.

  • Fact #3 - The Swedish Cloth is incredibly absorbent, dries rapidly with no odor and is surprisingly durable. Amazing, right?

  • Fact #4 - It is a multipurpose cloth that is perfect for household chores, from cleaning up spills to polishing.  Clean your mirrors or wash your windows.  Wipe down the counters, wash the dishes or soak up spills.

  • Fact #5 - They are thin, so bacteria and germs (as well as odors) don't have time to develop on them. In addition, you can just throw them in the top rack of the dishwasher or the washing machine if they start to smell less than fresh. Save your money by not using the dryer. Put them in the microwave to sanitize and hasten the drying process.

  • Fact #6 - Instead of discarding it, compost it!  You can't do that with those sponges you buy from the grocery store.

We have listed a few fun facts for you and probably could go on and on, but we will let you learn that for yourself.  We just want to share some of the wonderful ways this simple, yet amazing product has made a huge impact in our lives already and knows it will for you too.

  • You can use Swedish Cloth to wash your car.
  • Remove stains from your refrigerator.
  • Dry your pets’ paws.
  • Clean your mirrors and windows without any streaks.
  • Designate one for wiping kids’ messy faces and sticky hands.
  • It can be kept in the bathroom for quick and easy daily wipe downs.

The Swedish cloth is completely safe on surfaces like wood, tile, stainless steel, marble and, yes, even on human skin. Eventually they’re replacing not just paper towels but also napkins, sponges and your regular dish towels.

The Swedish cloth is available in multiple designs in our Dotty's Farmhouse online store. We have so many fun prints that will perfectly match many kitchens and would add a fun pop of color to a serene space and due to their stiff nature when dry coupled with the diamond shaped texture, they are great fit to scrub tough residue from any surface.

I've been using the dishcloths for a year now, and I can confirm that my use of paper towels has really decreased. But more importantly, I feel much more at peace. I love knowing that by consistently reusing them, I'm significantly reducing the amount of waste my home produces each year. Even if our household will never be waste-free, the Swedish Cloth shows that even small changes can have a big impact.

See you soon!!!

Swedish Dishcloth
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