Baked Enchilada Dip Mix

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Baked Enchilada Dip Mix

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This versatile dip can be served hot or cold, and tastes just like a cheese enchilada! Allergen: dairy.

This dip is sooo easy and sooo delicious!!!  We have personally tried it and we can say that this tastes just like cheese enchiladas.  The!  It is for sure one of our favorites  and will be yours too if you are looking for a bit of mexican spice.  

Carmie's Kitchen is a family-owned and operated gourmet food manufacturer since 1988. Carmie started this venture out of her kitchen with our still-best-selling Manana Mexican Dip Mix, and now our products are sold to retailers across the country! Her son Tommy is at the helm now to continue the family tradition of providing high quality, great-tasting, and unique flavors of dips, soups, olive oil seasonings and cheesecake mixes to families around the world!