Kitty Mat - Sweet Spot Kitty Carpet - Lily Pond

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Kitty Mat - Sweet Spot Kitty Carpet - Lily Pond

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Sweet Spot Kitty Carpet Refillable Catnip Play Mat - Lily Pond Design

Cats love certain things…Plunking down on whatever's on the floor, a piece of wrapping paper, cardboard, or even strips of tape in the shape of a square. It's just their weird kitty nature!

Our Lily Pond Sweet Spot Kitty Carpet tickles this natural instinct while beautifying your home with the elements of a sun-kissed pond buzzing with life. Featuring our original artwork, it's a soft and cushy spot for playing, napping, "meatloafing," and solving world problems as most kitties are inclined to do in their free time. And it comes with a FREE bag of our own Kitty Ka-Boom! U.S. grown certified organic catnip!

  • 13"H x 16"W unpackaged (13.5" x 6" packaged)

  • Printed smooth fabric on one side, and a printed cushy soft fabric on the other (same magical design on both sides)

  • Fiberfill batting provides extra cushion

  • Fun felt leaf accent on each corner

  • Each mat comes with a packet of our U.S. grown certified organic catnip

  • Convenient side zipper for easy catnip refills

  • Made with non-toxic materials

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