Sachets & Diffusers Car Oil Diffuser - Hanging Air Fresheners - Choice of Premium Scents
Sachets & Diffusers #81 - Sweet Cherry Bliss Square w/ Clip Car Oil Diffuser & Refills - Hanging Air Fresheners - Choice of Premium Scents

Car Oil Diffuser & Refills - Hanging or Vent Clip Air Fresheners - Choice of Premium Scents

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Breathe Easy and Embrace Enchantment with Our Car Oil Diffusers

Indulge in a world of premium fragrances with our stylish Car Oil Diffusers. These luxurious, hanging air fresheners aren't just for your vehicle – elevate any small space with enchanting aromas.

Choose Your Perfect Scent:

  • #18 - Midnight Berry: A captivating blend of blackberry and vanilla.
  • #20 - Tropical Tide: Escape to paradise with citrus, coconut, bergamot, and hints of algae and musk.
  • #50 - Mauna Loa: Relive the experience of Capri Blue's Volcano with this invigorating scent.
  • #62 - Mahogany Trails: Embrace the rich, woody aroma of mahogany teakwood.
  • #81 - Sweet Cherry Bliss: Savor the delightful combination of cherry and almond.
  • #93 - Garden Lilac: Immerse yourself in the freshness of blooming lilacs.

Long-Lasting Fragrance & Easy Refills:

Each diffuser holds roughly 2.7 ounces (8mL) of oil and lasts for 30 days, offering a light or strong scent depending on saturation. Refills are a breeze! Our convenient 15mL refill bottles provide approximately two refills per diffuser. The cobalt blue glass bottle features a handy dropper for mess-free refilling.

Simple Saturation for Lasting Enjoyment:

Maintaining your diffuser's fragrance is easy. Unscrew the top cap, remove the plastic stopper (replace it between saturations to prevent spills, if desired), and put the wooden cap back on. Tighten securely, then gently rotate the cap for about 3 seconds to saturate it – once a week is sufficient. Remember, over-saturation can lead to leaking, so a light touch is key!

Luxury at Your Fingertips:

This beautiful and affordable car accessory caters to those who appreciate quality and authenticity. It embodies our brand's values of honesty, creativity, and excellence, ensuring you receive a unique and reliable product.

Transform your car or any small space into a haven of delightful scents. Order your Car Oil Diffuser today and let the magic of premium fragrances captivate you!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cherry bliss

I love this diffuser, so cute hanging from my rear view mirror! AND smells FANTASTIC!

Tropical Tide! 5 stars!

I ordered this because I love the ocean. It’s wonderful! Subtle and present , not in your face like some fragrances can be! I have a couple more to try and will review them as well!

Kim B
Perfectly balanced

This air freshener is perfect! A nice balance of fresh air and manliness without being too much in either direction! Wonderful aroma!