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Fresh Baked - Scented Sachets - Bridgewater Candle Company

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Indulge in the warmth of home-baked goodness with our Fresh Baked fragrance. Immerse your senses in the irresistible blend of chocolate chip cookies, nuts, coffee, and a hint of honey and maple. Let the comforting aroma transport you to a cozy bakery, filling your space with sweet indulgence.

Our Bridgewater scented sachets are your perfect companion, whether it's in your closet, car, or tucked away under your sink. A small touch that offers a big impact, bringing a luxurious fragrance to every corner of your life.

At Dotty's Farmhouse, we're all about authenticity, quality, and a personal touch. With our Fresh Baked fragrance, you're not just buying a scent, you're embracing a feeling. A feeling of warmth, comfort, and sheer indulgence. Step into our world of delightful aromas, and let us help you make your everyday extraordinary.